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Symbolic Disappearance - The void as cultural identity

One of the premises of the architect Nikola Dobrovic - Никола Добровић (1897 - 1967) when proposing his design for the Army Headquarters building in Belgrade, was the importance of the void in its purest concept as an integral part of a new image of national identity. The creation of a non-space designed to be experienced by the contemporary citizen who is always on the move. Key concept regarding the historical identity of a country that has been constantly in material and immaterial transformation, and that has made the void, beyond Dobrovic's specifications, its greatest constant.

By walking the city, I have tried to experience and assimilate these empty spaces, both human and architectural, going through them through my own experience and creating a kind of personal story where I juxtapose my own idea of ​​identity and cultural emptiness based on my life stories, compared to how I perceive myself in a city that marks a strong accent on its national identity, to cover the void left by its constantly changing history.

Symbolic Disappearance is then a story from the void, thought in the parameters of the citizen that Dobrovic had in mind when he proposed a model of change for a new identity.

Images of the exhibition “Symbolic Disappearance - The Void As Cultural Identity” as a result of a Artist In Residency Program in Belgrade, Serbia.

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